Please get in contact to arrange an appointment.

As well as being a trained instrument repairer I’m also a player, and I understand the importance of getting things just right so that your instrument is not only structurally sound but also feels as good as (or maybe even better than) new.

Before undertaking a repair I’ll make sure there aren’t any other underlying issues that could prevent you from getting the best out of it. The checkup process is free; there will be no work carried out until I have been in touch to discuss options.

Although I can give you a cost estimate prior to meeting, I usually prefer not to quote for a repair until I have examined the instrument fully. In some rare cases, such as internal structural issues, it may be necessary to carry out some exploratory work on the instrument to assess to viability of certain repair options. If this is the case I will talk you through the necessary considerations.

Common issues for bowed instruments can include a loose or improperly positioned soundpost (almost a guaranteed issue in the first few years for a new instrument as the wood stretches for a long time) and worn fingerboard.

For fretted instruments, common jobs include include fret-leveling, new nuts or saddles, re-fitting of existing pegs or the the installation of a new set, repairing cracks and re-surfacing the fingerboard.

Bow Services

I offer bow rehairs for violin, viola and cello. Prices are as follows:

Violin: £60
Viola: £63
Cello: £65
Double Bass: variable

I generally aim for a fast turnaround, so you should get your bow back pretty quickly, however guaranteed next-day service is also available for an additional charge.

I use high quality horsehair, and I sort through it prior to rehairing to make sure that you are only getting the cream of the crop. If you are on a tight budget and/or tend to get through bow hair fairly quickly, I can offer a slight reduction in price at the cost of a little less rigorous hair selection. You will still be getting fine quality hair, and this can be an economical alternative.