Instrument Checkup & Setup

Some new frets

Whether your instrument seems to have lost its spark recently, or you simply suspect that you could get a bit more out of it, there are many tiny details which can contribute to the overall sound and feel of even entry-level models.

I offer a basic instrument checkup for free by appointment, so there’s no downside to getting your instrument checked over.

If you have a particular concern then I will focus on that area, however generally I like to give every part of the instrument at least a once-over, as things often have unseen knock-on effects.

If it turns out that you just need basic setup then turnaround time is generally quite fast. If I have a waiting list or I need to order parts in then I’ll let you know so you can decided whether you want to leave your instrument with me or bring it back at a later date (if I’m ordering more expensive, bespoke parts, I may ask for a small deposit.)

Mandolin saddle compensation

I am especially proud to be able to offer services for banjo players. It was the instrument I first learned to play and to set up, and it holds a special place in my heart. I have sadly seen very few shops offering comprehensive banjo servicing, which I think is a real shame because while banjos and violins are constructed in entirely different ways, they share a lot in the sense that a bit of careful setup can make them sound like an entirely different instrument. (For those interested, I also occasionally offer banjo lessons.)