Current Stock

The following instruments are currently available for sale. Instruments can be tried out at my workshop, and in due course I plan to set up a system for short term trial periods / instrument rentals.

All instruments are set up within standard parameters to provide a consistent sound and feel, however many adjustments can be made at the time of purchase to suit the player’s requirements. Smaller instruments are commonly supplied with a case; I do not always keep a stock of cases for larger instruments, however I can easily order one upon request.

Please Contact me to enquire about prices and arranging a viewing.

Cello (2020)

Stradivari model cello. Poplar back, maple ribs and neck. New spirit varnish with a light patina. Warm yet projecting tone.

Set up for a 690 – 695mm string length. Currently mounted with Evah Pirazzi strings, with other options available upon request.

Baroque Violin (2019)

Violin based upon the “Alard”, by Nicolo Amati (1649.) Full baroque constuction and setup with nailed neck, period bass bar and bridge and a maple fingerboard.

Mounted with Pirastro Chorda strings, with a plain gut D, A, E and and a wound G. Tone can be delicate or strident depending on choice of bow and playing style.

16 ΒΌ” Viola (2019)

Viola based upon the “Conte Vitale” by Andrea Guarneri (1676.) Rich and powerful sound. Mounted with Pirasto Evah Pirazzi Gold strings.

For Sale Elsewhere…

Violin, 2018

For sale at Stamford Strings, Lincolnshire.

Stradivari model.