About Theo Parmakis

I studied at Newark School of Violin Making and graduated in 2020.

I have had an interest in instrument construction for as long as I have been a musician. Beginning my journey by teaching myself to repair and maintain my banjos and guitars, I progressed through building a mandolin under the tutelage of a local luthier in Sheffield before making the life-changing decision to enter NSVM. Whilst at Newark, I studied violin and viola construction, basic and advanced instrument repairs, baroque-era techniques and bow rehairing and repairs. Most recently my focus has been on cellos; I finished three over the course of my final year.

With a background in folk music and computer programming, I have always been keen to combine efficiency and precision with a healthy degree of experimentation. I believe that it is important for an instrument to be fun and entertaining to make as well as to play.

I also have a strong interest in teaching and sharing skills. I’ve taught the banjo for several years and conducted informal sessions demonstrating various violin construction methods to friends and colleagues at Newark.

I’ve also built several pieces of software for musicians and instrument makers, including my Chord Generator and String Tension Calculator.