Welcome to my website. I am Theo Parmakis, an instrument maker and repairer based in Sheffield. I build cellos, violins and violas, as well as repairing and setting up a variety of other instruments including guitars, mandolins and banjos. I also service and re-hair bows.

See About Theo for more info about me, and my Repairs & Bow Services page for more information about the services I offer.

I am based in the Nether Edge area of Sheffield; visits to the workshop are welcome. Please get in contact to make an appointment.

If you want to buy a new handmade instrument from me, the Current Stock page contains instruments I have available right now. I am also very happy to take commissions.

My Blog section contains some notes about current and previous instrument projects, and the Gallery contains a few photos of finished instruments as well as those in progress.

Some Testimonials

“I had no idea my fiddle could sound that good until Theo fixed it up. He was great at spotting all the other things that were wrong with it beyond the initial thing I showed him (turns out there were a lot!), and I now feel so much happier with how the instrument sounds. Great job.”
Molly P.

“Theo’s work is beautiful and dedicated. Anyone who’s even seen a little bit of the care and patience he puts into the instruments he makes would definitely trust him to do a fantastic job on theirs! Theo is very fair, and a fantastic luthier, and I trusted him completely with my instrument. I’m really grateful for the work that he did.”
Abigail W.

“I took my fiddle to Theo knowing it needed some tlc. He spotted that it required some additional structural repairs as well as a full setup. The fiddle was made around 1886 and belonged to the Great grandfather of a friend of mine. My fiddle is happy again and I love its tone! He also restored my bow, a German Tubbs copy. Thank you Theo!”
Sheena R.

“Theo has been amazing. He’s a perfectionist when it comes to the quality of his work but it’s his customer service that really sets him apart. Theo knew that I didn’t want to get the bus in lockdown so did a pick up and drop off for me. I was worried that I might break my practice rhythm if he took my fiddle away for repair, so he lent me one of his handmade violins so I could keep practising. While this was an absolute joy on the flip side experiencing how much better I sounded with a quality instrument I now want to buy one of my own!”
Amy P.

“Theo doesn’t actually work with wood, strings and bone. It’s almost as if he works with the soul of an instrument. I took my mandolin to Theo with a few intonation problems and only a few days later I was reunited with the most beautiful playing and sounding mandolin I have had the pleasure of owning. If your instrument needs a set up, or any spark of life breathing into it, take it to this sorcerer!”
Rowan T.

“Absolutely love this violin! It’s what I’ve been looking for for ages and knew immediately this was the one I wanted. Odd how that happens with instruments….It promises to be excellent for both folk and classical and as well as having just the sound I wanted across all the strings, it looks very beautiful too!”

Theo did a magnificent job on my 1760s G. Klotz violin that had not been looked at properly for many years. He has also rehaired and fixed up a couple of nice old bows. Whilst “Georg” was out of action Theo lent me one of the violins he has made and I really enjoyed playing it. He also plays a a multitude of instruments – so really knows his stuff. Theo is committed, careful and thorough and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him.
Patri N.

“Theo was able to quickly diagnose the problem with my guitar and fixed it effectively and efficiently. It is a lot easier to play, sounds great and looks as good as new!”
Kate L.

“I am delighted that Theo has brought my 38 year old flamenco guitar back to life by repairing some serious cracks in the top and re-gluing the surrounding bracing. He really thought the whole job through, and kept me informed throughout.”
Jim W.

“Thank you so much! Your help and flexibility very much appreciated. An incredibly high skilled and efficient, yet generously well priced service. Such a great thing to have in Sheffield, specialist high quality service right on the doorstep! Would very much recommend”